December 30, 2008


What was I doing before Crossfit? I was curling bars and tricep extensions. I was running marathons, riding my bike long distances, and doing some swimming. I was eating meats, some vegetables, some nuts, some fruit, some starch and moderate amounts of sugar. I kept levels of food that supported exercise and some body fat. I never did deadlift, unless it was straight leg with dumbbells, I did some cleans, never heavy, presses, never to full extension, never clean and jerk, never snatch. I did cartwheels when at the park, some pull-ups, dead hang max rep 9, some dips off a bar, never rings...what are rings, never rope climb, some push-ups, not full extension, some sit-ups, never press to handstand, pirouettes...never, flips..huh, splits and holds who, some stairstep, some elliptical, sometimes hard more times fast, some mixing and matching. Routine...most of the time, workouts were sometimes as long as 2 hours.

Times are a changing. I found this photo of myself before I really ever started to Crossfit. In fact the banner in the back ground was were I trained before I started to train people at my garage gym. This picture is in fact our first ever Fight Gone Bad event September 2005. I was training for my first half Ironman and my first marathon... leading up to my first Ironman.

The first Picture is this past Fight Gone Bad, September 2008. I AM CROSSFIT. I eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and little sugar. I keep intakes to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. I practice and train major lifts- deadlift, squat clean, presses to full extension, clean and jerk and snatch. I work on gymnastic style movements, pull-up, dips with rings, push-ups, sit-ups, press to handstand, pirouettes, some flips, some splits and holds. I bike to transport myself, run fast, swim and row for speed. I train five or six days a week and mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Workouts are short and intense. I regularly DO a workout that scars me. Most of all, I LOVE WHAT I DO!

December 16, 2008


I am Crossfit. I am going to get stronger.

Here I am: clean and jerk 135. Not bad, but I know I am capable of more. I would like to do 145. 8 week I am Crossfit goal...145.

Apologizes for the angel on the video. New at this. 145 will be front and center.

What are your goals for I am Crossfit?

Look'en fine in '09!

December 09, 2008

Crossfit Endurance

Run season is here. I continue to have people approach me about running. A few questions that are asked are: How do I run correctly, how much should I run, and how do I mix running with Crossfit? So, I think a run clinic is in order.

This clinic is designed to improve your skill as a runner as well as interlace the crossfit method of training with running so that you can become a better endurance runner and, better yet, a better athlete. Running can be short (400m) or it can be long (50 miles). What Crossfit endurance is designed to do is train the athlete to run further faster and more efficient. The focus will be focused on the 10k, half marathon, and marathon distance races.

This clinic will address form and technique for efficiency, be introduced to some of the POSE methods of running as well as implement Crossfit style workouts interlaced with running to gain the greatest overall results.

Crossfit endurance will assist you as a runner to do less pounding on the pavement and more strength endurance, allowing for more power output, less injury, and more fun!

Please don't hesitate to call me with any questions about this clinic or running and Crossfit!


See ya Saturday.

December 08, 2008

Women of Crossfit

Women are amazing! Women get it done. I am not saying that Men do not, but women operate on a different frequency then men and women just get the *&^!#@ done!

In this mornings women's only CrossFit class we not only did a WOD we finished with tabata row... that is 20 sec on with 10 sec recovery for 8 rounds. They are super stars. You are all super stars. If you feel like you may not be super star and would like to be shoot me an email and let me help you get started.

December 04, 2008


Can you believe that I did 230 dead lift by 3 reps?

I feel strong.

Look'en Strong in on '09.


December 02, 2008

Benefits of following the zone.

To become well, nutrition should play the larger part of your goal setting. You may wonder how you set goals for nutrition. You may wonder what is the best system or diet to follow when looking at your food intake.

Crossfit believes that the Zone diet is the most benifial means to wellness, recovery, performance and being your perfect body weight and size.

This Saturday Crossfit Central will be holding a free community workout for the first 60 individuals to rsvp as well as receive a 2 block zone friendly post workout snack while receiving information on what the zone diet should look like for your size and height. We will have our trainers helping you to understand how to get started in the zone.

Please be ready to workout as well as spend 20 minutes after your workout with our trainers to learn how to zone and what it should look like when you set nutrition goals.

Lets get ready for the new year early and start our jouney to wellness this December!