November 25, 2008

Lean Turkey's

We came, We fought, we will bring home the turkey next year!

I am proud of all my turkey's. I had a great time on Saturday and enjoyed the festivities of a tough workout and working together with my team.

Love to you all, I will see you at the 18th annual Turkey Trot!

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 07, 2008

Taste the goodness.

When you have the desire to become more then what you are you will taste the goodness.

November 05, 2008


George Jetson food.

Ever heard of it?

Does not replace food, but comes pretty darn close. Probably better then most of the foods you eat.

It is hard to get the reccomended 9 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day to prevent disease.

I want to be healthy, not fight disease after it hits.

November 04, 2008



Today I did a W O D challenge.

A workout of the day challenge is when I challenge you to do this WOD that I did.

100 double unders
25 burpees
100 double unders
25 burpees
100 double unders
25 burpees
100 double unders
25 burpees


I will get that time down... who wants to challenge me?

November 03, 2008

Bring it Home!

West Texas is where the heart is....

Lubbock or leave it.....

Lubbock loud Lubbock proud...

How 'bout them raiders!!!!

While visiting my roots this past weekend I was able to get out and hit the flat land. Off for a beautiful 5 mile run, I managed to hit one 1% incline I think. Though it was not the normal Austin hill country run I am use to, i was able to run through some Fields of shredded squash country. You see, I grew up working on a produce farm, my Father's non the less. So as I cruised through the fields of dirt I reminisced of the days of ho'en weeds, pick'en okra, and driven tractors.

Beautiful Country if you like that type of thing... dirt.

Good to be back home...trees.