October 16, 2008

best friends

last weekend i went to big 'ol San Angelo. Yes that is wear I spent 4 great years for a higher education!

these are two of the special friends i made while at school. I have photos of the others but I will retrieve those and post them soon!

Non the less a trip back to your roots... good times, good times! I call it unconditional love. these friends will love me no matter what.

Mel, Jenny, Trudi, Shanna, Lisa... I love you all! great to see ya!

To my peeps, my faithfull peeps!

I have not been blogging obviously... I do apologize to those that keep up... it is hard keeping up with your own life sometimes and then when you try to let other people in, that is even more challenging.

i want to catch everyone up but not sure if I have time... shoot you all may not have time to read my fragments, runons and bad spelling.

i do want you to know a few things so i will be adding a couple things a day for 2 days.... like this great pick of myself running my kids around!

Um, well the are just resting. Crazy how they can sleep that way. At most of our age we would be at the Dr. Fo sho!