April 27, 2010

Need something to do?

Hello Super Stellar friends:)
Lululemon Austin is planning a HUGE yoga event early next month, Yoga After Dark.  Some of you may remember this event from last year - late night yoga class with glow sticks & live music from the famous DJ Manny:)  This is going to be a fun eclectic night of booty thumping flow taught by alumni ambassadors ZOE and Matt Borer - disco style.  All levels welcome!  Love to see you all there to support, last year there was 80 people that attended and almost stopped traffic on 6th street.  So much fun, you wont want to miss it!
Date: Thursday May 6th
Time: 8-8:30pm sushi and socialization ~~ 8:30-9:45pm YOGA CLASS
Location:  lululemon athletica 6th & Lamar side parking lot.
Hope to see you all there.

April 19, 2010

Finding a moment.

For the first time in a long time I came home after coaching a couple of early morning classes.  Kris had a dental appointment that he had to get to; therefore,  I have parental duties.  The kids are still asleep from a long hard Sunday, my home is quiet.  This is rare.  I am sitting with a cup of coffee, at my house, no noise, and I almost do not know what to do.  In fact, I don't know whether to scramble and get as much done as I possible before the house turns to normalcy or sit in the quiet and reflect.

I choose to blog, which can be a reflection, if you are in my current situation, silence.  I would prefer to blog more for you.  I will see if my husband can go to the dentist ever Monday, run the kids ragged on Sunday, and see what I can get!  Ha!

Able to spend a moment in Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho I leave you with this:
The Warrior of the Light come times behaves like water, flowing around the obstacles he encounters.

Occasionally, resistance might mean destruction, and so he adapts to the circumstances.  He accepts, without complaint, that the stones in his path hinder his way through the mountains.

Therein lies the strength of water: It cannot be touched by a hammer or ripped to shreds by a knife.  The strongest sword in the world cannot scar its surface.

The river adapts itself to whatever route proves possible, but the river never forgets its one objective: the sea.  So fragile at its source, it gradually gathers the strength of the other rivers it encounters .

And, after a certain point, its power is absolute.

Be Powerful today.

April 14, 2010

Getting back in action!

I was away on a trip and had grand plans to work on my goals, address some books, plan my future, and the truth was I seriously needed a break.  Why?  Why do we need breaks.  Why can't we just keep going like the energizer bunny?  I am a little disappointed when I find out that I need a break.

I had these plans and what ended up happening was after I arrived and turned it off a few hours after arrival I totally turned it off.  I even tried to get into work mode or goal setting mode and there was just no go!  I thought for sure I would be able to get some of the "fun" stuff done... nope.  I seriously needed the entire time to veg. 

The out come was a massive amount of work to do when I got home but a refreshed and renewed mind when I finally got back into the swing of things.  And it took 34 hours to get back into things.  All things, work, child rearing, eating, working out, motivation, what ever it was I had to re- adjust.  So my thought is, is this a good thing?  Now I feel behind, now I feel over whelmed... at first.  Then, like I said, once you get into the swing of things again you just go.  you start to turn it on a little bit at a time and get moving.

SO, note to self, take a break once in awhile and when you have to return to the work of daily life, know that it will take a few hrs to get going again as well as be okay with both sides, the break and the slow integration back to reality.  I am not saying it has completely joyful but I am not going to fight it and make it totally stressful either!

April 03, 2010

A week of growing.

Eleven days ago I sprained my ankle.  The first thing that went through my mind was, "f**k, i just was getting started to train for the games, f**k, this is going to set me back a bit."  I was on the Airrosti table the next day.  Dr. Ellspermann had me walking out of his office and latter that day I was hopping.  Very pleased with my progress I thought to myself,  "his is just the on ramp I need to start my training, get started, but not to fast."  When I want to get into shape I want to do it fast.  This can bring on that little evil attitude of Frustration. 

Have you ever been frustrated?  There are some frustrations that you can just let go of immediately and others it takes a bit more time.  The ankle thing got me frustrated but I know if was just one of many that I had been battling the last few weeks.  I blame it on one thing but it was if it was the tip of iceberg that was going to get me to slow down and figure out what had been going on with me. 

My solution a good cry.  I was triggered on Thursday morning in a meeting.  And then it was on... the tears just kept of flowing.  I was pulling myself together all day and,  I soaked in the emotion for the entire day.  I was amazed at how long I let myself hold onto all the frustration.  And the thing is I am not sure I have worked through all of it.  I still have to go back an review my frustration, find a solution, change my action, take action, and then keep pushing through.  

A prayer that I pray,

Search me Oh God, and know me,
know my inner thoughts,
know my actions,
let them be in favor for you.

Cleanse my soul, so that I may be a vessel for you.
Let it be your words that are spoken, your actions that are taken,
may your will be done.


Today I am a little lighter.

PS. Jesus WOD - 59:29
I am right where I am suppose to be. : )

April 01, 2010

Easter, What does that mean to you?

Jeremy came up with this one:

Jesus WOD (The way of the Cross)

14 Rounds for time

95lbs Barbell
10 Deadlifts
10 Squat cleans
10 Push Press

50 ft of Walking Lunges with barbell on back.  Walk back to start
point. At no point does the barbell touch the ground until rounds 3, 7
and 9.

Round Three, Seven, and Nine, 7 Turkish Get Up 1.5 Pood (seven is the
number of completion)

The WOD represents 14 stations of the Cross with the three time Jesus
fell to the ground. The WOD should be done at three O clock for the
time Jesus passed on the Cross.

Please join me.  All are welcome.