December 22, 2009

Things that happen for a reason

I know you have heard it before, I know you have experienced it before, when you wish what happened would not have happened but then you say this happened for a reason.

So, we set the alarm for 5:50am, we got up extra early (at least for a day off), got the kids ready, got all the bags in the truck, and headed off to the airport. Kris dropped me and the kids off at the front of Southwest baggage check-in at 7:00am and there I stood with two kids, three ginormous bags and a line that stretched a solid 50m (originally I put 75m, that's what it seemed like). I was thinking how in the heck do I get me and the kids and the bags in this line so we can get on the plane to Lubbock that departs at 8:15am?

One hour and fifteen minutes later, we were still in line. The nice guy at the counter says we can see if we can get re-booked on the next flight (at 10:50am), which goes to Dallas then onto Lubbock, arriving at 1:30pm. Kris and I look at each other then look at the guy, and say, "No thanks, we are going to drive." He looked at us like we were crazy, and to be honest, I thought we were crazy too!

We dragged our stuff out the front door of the airport and Kris ran and got the truck. We reloaded everything and I started making a list of stuff we needed to grab to make this 6 hour road trip a little more pleasant. We arrived at the house at 9:20am, grabbed drink cups for the kids, filled the water can, grab Sav's computer, Stone's truck, my Trigger Point (I know I will need it after this drive!) and a book that I have been meaning to reread for months. Bam, within 15 minutes we were on the road to Lubbock. I called my Dad to let him know we will arrive later than planned (he thought we were crazy, too) and away we flew. (Kris booked it.)

**point of this post**

The book I grabbed was Good To Great. Have you read it? How long has it been since you read it last? Reread it or read it for the first time. (Keep in mind that we each need to read certain books at certain times in our life, this may not be your time.) OMG, the blessing of the family missing the plane, I got to read for 4 hours! This would not have happened had we flown into Lubbock.

Kris looked at me and said, "I have not seen you read that much in a long time." I said, "I don't make the time to read like I should I need to change that." I wanted to say, "I don't have time to read." But, we know this is not true for any of us. Perhaps it is another activity for you. I need to read. I want to read. I need to make the time in my schedule to read.

I am glad we missed the flight. The book has me fired up! I am not sure what your plans are for 2010, but I know that I am going to rock it! (And yes this does include the Crossfit Video I will be choreographing.)

December 19, 2009

Two of my favorite things!

Those that know me know that I love CrossFit and I love to dance. This video captures it all.

I am currently recruiting Crossfit Dancers for my video. Please submit your application to my blog. I will have tryouts soon!

Now...I must go and work on my choreography!

December 13, 2009

Eating Good Food

You can make it difficult to eat right or you can keep it pretty simple. I make it simple and fun. I like to freak people out. Not by dancing in the store or yelling stuff out but buy buying good food, lots of veggies and getting strange looks from people in line with me. The cashier always has something fun to say.

I recently took my trip to HEB (don't get on me, its not the farmer's market, I can't always be almost perfect), and the lady asked if I had cancer. I said no, thank God and why? And she said that it was not normal to eat that many fruits and veggies unless something serious was the matter.

Are you serious? Wow, I am so glad I am aware of the importance of food and what it can and will do for this body that is housing me while I am here.

December 09, 2009

Beauty and Strength

What a beautiful depiction of what went on at the CrossFit games in July 2009. As you can see, some of your coaches are out there representing you and what CrossFit Central has to offer this world. If you are looking for a picture of true health and fitness, strength both inner and outer and you Crossfit with are on your way to greatness. The group of women that I get to surround myself with on a daily basis is indescribable with words.

I want to thank all the female coaches at Central for pushing me to be my best everyday and I want to thank all the athletes at the 2009 Crossfit Games. You have made me reach for the stars...I have already snagged a few!

CC, lets take the best to the 2010 games!


December 03, 2009

When you make a decision and feel right about it

Making important decisions is hard. It can be stressful, uncomfortable, and humbling.

When it is time to finalize your decision with a choice and an answer you must stick, stand, and walk forth.

My future is in my hands.

Who is guiding, leading, and directing you? How are your plans playing out?

If you are serious about your future and your goals, I am serious too.

I am currently opening my new year up for personal training clients who are looking to change not only physically but mentally.

Please email me if you would like details or stay tuned to my blog. Details will be delivered soon.

Make a choice, stick and stand.