January 27, 2009


I was thinking that I would just post once a month.

Wouldn't that be terrible. With the look of things... you would think that is where this blog is headed. Seems like I have been here before... first thing i feel like I should do is apologize for blog neglect. For those of you who check in on me you may stop or just be hopeful. I will try and do better.

Time is on my side. The more I see my kids grow, the more I realize the importance of time choices. Taking the opportunity to do the things that will help me to grow so that I can be a better example for you, my family, my peeps.

There are several things coming up on the calender that turn on my anxious button. One is the Level two Certification for Crossfit that we will host in 9 days. Shortly following that, Austin will host over 200 Crossfitters for the Affiliate gathering. These Crossfitters will be traveling from all over the world. Most all of them will stop into our facility and check us out. That will be amazing. Then there is the Crossfit Endurance Cert that will be held in Dallas in February. Several of us coaches are headed to GSX to get ourselves ready to bring you the Crossfit Endurance Program that you are sure to enjoy! Very Exciting! Keep your eyes out for that one!
I am thinking about going to GSX again in March to get my O lift Certification. I am two clicks away from that commitment. Then Rob Wolf will be here the following weekend to teach me and many others about how to "Skin" the zone! Very exciting!

And of Course the Qualifiers. Yes I am talking about the Crossfit Games qualifying event @ GSX in May. My nerves kick in just typing about it. I am preparing my mind and body for this event. Very exciting times!

So, as you can see there are some big things about to happen with me and CC.

Some things that are going on that I have not even mentioned, like CC Fittest games Challenge, I am Crossfit finally, Sav's B-Day, Stone's b-day, My b-day, today : ) ...
the list...

Time- duration regarded as belonging to the present life as distinct from the life to come or from eternity; finite duration.

Be Present. Today I live, Today I Die.

January 07, 2009

Something about Women

I coach the Women's Only 9am class on Tuesday/Thursday. I must say it is one of my favorite classes. Think about it, you get to sleep in, if you don't have kids or a job, and then come into a awesome workout class. Or, you could get up early and have your pre meal packet, no rush, a good breakfast, coffee and a book. Or, you could even get in 3 to 4 things on your "Things to do today" list before your workout.

Once you arrive at your casual no rush pace, usually 2 min late to get started, we kick into some fun talk and then right to fast feet, high knees, and jumping jacks with chop sticks. Class is intense, but has a friendly feel to it. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this time slot! This class even allows me to teach some of my old dance moves as well as allow me to entertain them with some PVC pipe twirling that I am still gifted with since I was 8.

If you can, if your schedule allows you to, you need to visit or attend this class. You will not regret it! You will reach your fitness goals and you will make some great friends!

Thank you Suzy, featured above in the UT shirt - tall blonde- who turned 49 yesterday, for letting me see my bright future! you truly inspire me!