March 27, 2008

The Final Count Down

Man, last few weeks and feeling good. Focus is the key. You have to focus on keeping things normal at an abnormal time. For example, you have to focus on putting good food in your body. It is so easy to just eat what you want and to not see it stack on. This is not good for you or the baby. Next, exercise. You have to continue to move your body. It is easy to get tired and just opt for the couch and skip a day, not good. You have to keep active and move the body. I will start swimming today. I think the baby flipped yesterday. Meaning now the legs are in front and the back is against my back.. not good for labor. the more time I can spend in the prone position the better. That means read books, hang out, watch a movie, and swim. These things should flip the baby around. Not to mention visualization and direct disipline, oh yes, I am telling this child to flip! I am your mother and you listen here, flip.
Not to worry, Marimikel says I am have a couple weeks to go...

So, I will stay active, eat well, and prepare for a great new little person to join the family!


March 12, 2008


It always says a thousand words.....Ronnie Ringness and Sean Johnson do not have the extra oxygen to speak, no need. We know how hard they are working. You can see it in their face. We all speak this way. What are you saying right now? Are you happy? Sad? Pleased? Confused? Excited about your workout routine. Is that what it is, a routine? Join Crossfit Central and I guarantee you will have a new face!