January 17, 2008


When you concentrate on something with all your being the unthinkable happens. When you concentrate on the task at hand, your thoughts, thoughts you thought you were uncapable of making reality, become real. When you work on a project and you concentrate, you engulf your being in the moment, in the task, in the outcome, the success of the project.
Crossfit takes concentration. Crossfit, the development of the movements, takes concentration. Every lift, every move, every fundemental that you learn, every technique that you master, helps in the development of your mind, body, spirit, soul.

January 06, 2008

2 Weeks Till Take Off - Ready to Go!

Shannon Meroney has been training with me for 3 years now. Her first big event to prep for was a wedding. Then it was Baby #1, Cal, and now we are preparing for baby #2, a health boy. Shannon is going in for delivery on the 21st of January. Shannon's consistancy has paid off. Her dedication to her physical strength and stamia will not go unnoticed. Shannon, Crongrats on baby Number 2 and Looking forward to meeting the little squirt.

January 03, 2008

Continuing the path of success!

When your client emails you on New years day and lets you know that she is down 5 lbs from when she left for the Christmas holiday...wow, you have to celebrate! Perla Cavazos has been learning how to manage a life without gluten and corn ships. I would say she has been successful.

Perla had forgotten to look at her goals the 1st 3 to 4 months we started back training and now she realizes that reminding yourself of what you are trying to acheive makes a difference in how successful one can be.

She will hit her goal that she set for January and because of her great success over the holiday she will surpass the goal and be leaner and healthier for a great start to 2008!

Great Job Perla, keep up the great work!