December 02, 2008

Benefits of following the zone.

To become well, nutrition should play the larger part of your goal setting. You may wonder how you set goals for nutrition. You may wonder what is the best system or diet to follow when looking at your food intake.

Crossfit believes that the Zone diet is the most benifial means to wellness, recovery, performance and being your perfect body weight and size.

This Saturday Crossfit Central will be holding a free community workout for the first 60 individuals to rsvp as well as receive a 2 block zone friendly post workout snack while receiving information on what the zone diet should look like for your size and height. We will have our trainers helping you to understand how to get started in the zone.

Please be ready to workout as well as spend 20 minutes after your workout with our trainers to learn how to zone and what it should look like when you set nutrition goals.

Lets get ready for the new year early and start our jouney to wellness this December!

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