June 15, 2008


Some call it a come back, I call it a fight. I am so close but yet so far away. Yes, I am talking about cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, power, speed, balance, accuracy, flexibility, coordination, and agility. I felt like the 300 workout was a good test for me to see what I needed to improve on. It kicked my butt! Well, I know I can make big improvements for the next 300 workout that is in 7 weeks. I am totally crossfit focused.

When Crossfit and I met I was pregnant. I was not able to really jump right in to crossfit. After I had my first child I was challenged by an ironman. I did my first half ironman, first marathon and did crossfit as a means to maintaining my strength. I now know what it means to Crossfit for fitness. I was tasting it a bit after my ironman. I was in the best shape of my life and started to Crossfit rather than distant train. Then I got pregnant.

Here I am, 9 weeks after the delivery of our 2nd child, and I am ready to crossfit. I want to be the top female Crossfitter. The games are in 2 weeks and I decided not to do them this year. For a few reasons I chose to be a spectator. I will look forward to getting in Crossfit shape and add a few other races into the mix to spice it up. People have been asking what those races would be. Not sure yet, right now I am focused on getting Spartan ripped! No, I am just trying to get my top 10 skills back under my belt...

As far as the Crossfit games go, I am going to go and support two of our female crossfit central chicks.

Crystal McReynolds and Lisa Bender. They are very strong crossfitters and I know we are going to come back to Texas with some gold! And Jeremy, Big Mike, Zach, Kris, and Richard will help us bring home some gold as well!

Once agian, it is great to be back!