October 11, 2007

Everyone's welcome @ Crossfit Central

We love Mom's with kids. We love the fact that we have stay at home Moms that want to come to our facility and do Crossfit! I Train several mothers with young children and they don't always have a sitter when it is their turn to train! You know what I say, lets start them early! My daughter is up at the facility often. She has started to mimic some of the clients. I think she will have a good understanding of what fitness will look like as she grows up, that is a blessing.

Crossfit Central is a community based fitness program, we offer fitness to all levels as well as all ages. WE are your family if you will take us in, you are welcome in our home!

So Mom's, if you aren't sure if you can fit fitness into your schedule, I am here to say that at Crossfit Central your whole family can get fit!