March 31, 2009

Fresh Food!

I encourage all of you to shop at the farmers market. You can't beat fresh locally grown food. You see here I have fresh eggs, fresh cilatro, fresh sprouts, grass fed beef and we picked up a steak that was out of this world!

There are many reasons to shop local and gazillions of reasons why you should shop fresh. The nutrients you get from fresh cannot be beat and then there is the community and the enjoyment you gain from shopping with like minded people.

A rich experiance.

Hit the triangle on Wednesdays from 3 to 7pm. Lamar and Gaudalupe.

March 28, 2009

what is your reality.

CFE Cert, Olympic weight lifting Cert, Nutrition Cert, new toys in the gym, new moves to be learned... and then a coaches killer.

Coaches Killer is what I have decided to call this Saturdays workout session. After putting over 100 students through our free Saturday workouts, almost all the coaches met up at the gym to do 3 WODs in 4 hours. Who made these atrocious workouts for the CC coaches. Freddy of One World Crossfit mixed it up. I new he could put together some killer WODs and he hesitated NOT to hand it to us.

First workout:
185M/135F power clean and jerk

10, 200, 8, 300, 6, 400, 4, 200, 2


Second workout:
7 rds
7 snatch
4 Muscle ups
200 m run

Time: 17:21 muscle ups off a box

third workout:
row 500
run 400


For fun(really it is for training the mind) I will be running Mesa hill in the morning starting at Steck and heading to 2222 and then back up.

Things I focused on today: Nutrition and recovery. What works, What upsets the tummy, what can I do different to recover faster. Does trigger point play a role.(yes) How will I prepare these next 4 weeks before qualifiers?

I encourage all of you to put yourself in situations that make you sweat. What is the saying, Do something that scares you everyday. Situations that challenge you mentally. Competition with you, not anyone else but you and the bb. You will learn a lot.

Learn a lot about what your reality is and what you thought it was.

March 22, 2009

You gotta love the pull up!

I can do dead hang, I can do dead hang with a 25 # dumbbell hanging from me, I can do chest to bar pull ups, and now I have to do butterfly pull ups, then butterfly chest to bar pull ups .

Nutrition Cert!!!!

What can I say? Robb Wolf brought the light.
It is time to fine tune this automobile. I am a porche transforming into a Lamborghini. World watch out.

I have been food logging and keeping up with the organic proteins... now it is time to dial in. 50% of my carbs will be consumed after my workouts, I am taking out a couple of blocks of carbs and replacing it with fat and I will see how my body responds. I should know in three days what my body thinks. If I am resting at least 8 hrs a night and I feel, look, and perform better... guess what guys... I am on the right track!!

Like I said, it is called " fine tuning".

I hope I don't get a ticket!

March 17, 2009


Where do you stand?

March 06, 2009