May 14, 2010

I Can Be, Do, Have, anything that I want.

I have spoken to several people this last week that have expressed the feeling of not being 100% on board with what it is they are doing in their lives right now.  That kinda makes me sad.

I am the type of person that will only tolerate a short period of uncomfortableness. (is that a word?)  I don't have time to let it consume my life, let a lone let it take over my precious days that I have on this earth.

I recently came out of a slump.  When I review what it was that kept me there, I learned, it was as simple as making a choice.  I had to make a decision.  I was on the fence.  That is not place to be.  After I made the decision to step up I immediately took action.  That consisted of writing down my goals, then writing them again, then looking in the mirror and confirming that I was strong, bold, and powerful and that I can absolutely do and be anything I want.  I took that action a step further and marked it all over my bathroom mirror.  I am forced to read it everyday, several times a day, and soon it will be oozing out of my body.

Crystal Nelson  posted a little girl taking on an exercise that I firmly believe is the key to ones success!  Can you look in the mirror and proclaim how great your life is and then continue to breath success on you own life?  You wanna talk about powerful!  Try it!

If you are not in a place that you are 100% excited about.  Review what it is you are doing, make some goals, set some dates to those goals, and get freak'en busy!
Check out this TED video.

Life is too short.


Lory said...

I'm going to put "I Can Be, Do, Have, anything that I want." on my bathroom mirror so I can read it every day! Thanks Carey!

Crystal Nelson said...

Awesome post Carey!!! Life IS too short to be on the fence... jump in and just go! I have watched "Jessica's Affirmation" about 30 times now and I can't help but smile every time at the excitement in her voice when she's talking about GREAT her life is. As we age, I think we forget that every second is a choice to be happy... or not. Thank you for sharing!

plieb said...

awesome post, thanks for the inspiration. discomfort is a good word for uncomfortableness.

惠桂 said...


Stacy said...

The last two posts were fantastic. I find myself mentally checking out during tough workouts - leaving my body to do all of the work. Mind and body working as a team- that makes me uncomfortable! That is my next action step-let them work together.