May 12, 2010

Fear, do you walk towards yours or tend to run away?

Interesting enough to ponder such a question.  The human tenancy is to run, and fast, from what we fear the most.  Where does that get you?  Closer or further from your goals?  I spoke to a client about this topic recently.   This client was ready to throw in the towel.  After a discussion of why this was a terrible idea and why was this the thought process, we discovered that they were actually running away from themselves.  Amazing enough, in case you did not know. you cannot run out of your skin, I do not care how fast you are....not gonna happen.
So what do you do. 
You get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Now, that is interesting statement.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  This is basically walking right into what it is you hate to do, or what you fear. 

My challenge to you is to do one thing today that makes you uncomfortable.  What is that for you? 

Is it a phone call you have been avoiding, a workout you hate, a task at work that seems overwhelming that you need to get to and finish?
For me...I will let you know how it goes.

Have a great hump day!

1 comment:

Mariah said...

After reading this post I felt motivated to finish an essay for my college english course...that was what made me uncomfortable today! Even my WOD was better! Haha never thought I'd say that!
Thanks for posting such motivating things Carey :)