April 03, 2010

A week of growing.

Eleven days ago I sprained my ankle.  The first thing that went through my mind was, "f**k, i just was getting started to train for the games, f**k, this is going to set me back a bit."  I was on the Airrosti table the next day.  Dr. Ellspermann had me walking out of his office and latter that day I was hopping.  Very pleased with my progress I thought to myself,  "his is just the on ramp I need to start my training, get started, but not to fast."  When I want to get into shape I want to do it fast.  This can bring on that little evil attitude of Frustration. 

Have you ever been frustrated?  There are some frustrations that you can just let go of immediately and others it takes a bit more time.  The ankle thing got me frustrated but I know if was just one of many that I had been battling the last few weeks.  I blame it on one thing but it was if it was the tip of iceberg that was going to get me to slow down and figure out what had been going on with me. 

My solution a good cry.  I was triggered on Thursday morning in a meeting.  And then it was on... the tears just kept of flowing.  I was pulling myself together all day and,  I soaked in the emotion for the entire day.  I was amazed at how long I let myself hold onto all the frustration.  And the thing is I am not sure I have worked through all of it.  I still have to go back an review my frustration, find a solution, change my action, take action, and then keep pushing through.  

A prayer that I pray,

Search me Oh God, and know me,
know my inner thoughts,
know my actions,
let them be in favor for you.

Cleanse my soul, so that I may be a vessel for you.
Let it be your words that are spoken, your actions that are taken,
may your will be done.


Today I am a little lighter.

PS. Jesus WOD - 59:29
I am right where I am suppose to be. : )


~Melisa said...

I completely understand your frustration of getting 'injured' right when you're trying to get with the program. It's such inconvenient timing!
Also, a really good, solid cry out of nowhere is so great..at the time it seems silly, but it feels oh-so-good to just let it all out!
Happy Easter :)

Lion Heart said...

you are one of the toughest people I know...you have battled your way through injuries, and to see you take on the Jesus Wod like you did impressed me more then you know! like you said, you are right where you are suppose to be! love you

Atomic CrossFit Admin said...

Hope you heal very soon!

JanuskieZ said...

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nq said...

God Bless You Carey. You've been an inspiration for this soldier for quite awhile. Keep pressing on and inspiring everyone around you.

BYehaskel said...

Personally, I find that a good cry is typically underestimated as the great therapy it can be. Especially when followed by a hug (or many hugs), a warm bath, and a good night's sleep.

Anonymous said...