April 14, 2010

Getting back in action!

I was away on a trip and had grand plans to work on my goals, address some books, plan my future, and the truth was I seriously needed a break.  Why?  Why do we need breaks.  Why can't we just keep going like the energizer bunny?  I am a little disappointed when I find out that I need a break.

I had these plans and what ended up happening was after I arrived and turned it off a few hours after arrival I totally turned it off.  I even tried to get into work mode or goal setting mode and there was just no go!  I thought for sure I would be able to get some of the "fun" stuff done... nope.  I seriously needed the entire time to veg. 

The out come was a massive amount of work to do when I got home but a refreshed and renewed mind when I finally got back into the swing of things.  And it took 34 hours to get back into things.  All things, work, child rearing, eating, working out, motivation, what ever it was I had to re- adjust.  So my thought is, is this a good thing?  Now I feel behind, now I feel over whelmed... at first.  Then, like I said, once you get into the swing of things again you just go.  you start to turn it on a little bit at a time and get moving.

SO, note to self, take a break once in awhile and when you have to return to the work of daily life, know that it will take a few hrs to get going again as well as be okay with both sides, the break and the slow integration back to reality.  I am not saying it has completely joyful but I am not going to fight it and make it totally stressful either!

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