February 15, 2010


The Woman's Master Mind Fight Club will start March 2, 2010.

Ladies (sorry guys you can't get in on this one), we are a go!

Some of you have been waiting, some of you thought it would not happen, some of you forgot, well, all of you now get to decide if it is for you and if it is "your time" to do the Master Mind Fight of your life, for your life.

Please read carefully!

Woman's Master Mind Fight Club Creed:

I Can, I Will, I HAVE to.
I will fight. I will choose to seek Wisdom.
I will take responsibility to persist with out exception.
I will decide with all my heart to be a person of ACTION.
I can, I will.
I will FIGHT for the LIFE I am designed to have,
the life I know that is in MY soul.
This is MY Fight.

Ladies here are the details. I know there are going to be lots of questions so please ask in the comments so we can hash them out as fast as possible!

Women's Master Mind Fight Club

Start Date: March 2nd, 7pm
End Date: Nov 19th, 7pm

What is it?

* 9 months of weekly work designed to help you establish and reach your goals. Weekly work will be a mix of assignments, reading, workouts, and meetings. Expect to commit 3-5 hrs per week.
* One weekend retreat on a ranch outside Austin, TX. The retreat will run from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. Delicious, healthy food will be provided.

Who is it for?

* Strong, determined women who are willing to work hard in order to experience success in all areas of their lives.
* The program is open to 10 women from Austin and 5 women from out of town. There will be 2 scholarship opportunities.

Required Reading & Listening:

* The Alchemist
* Think and Grow Rich
* The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
* CD: The Slight Edge

**you must purchase your own books


* Austin participants: $100/month for 9 months = $900. Pay in full by March 1 = $700 ($200 savings).
* Out of town participants: $75/month = $675. Pay in full by March 1 = $550 ($125 savings).


In 9 months you will be physically and mentally stronger. You will know how to set goals and how to achieve them. You will have a clear picture of where you will be in 10 years and how you're going to get there--including how to overcome the road bumps that try to stop you.

**specifics will be given when you sign up. Payment options: cash, check, PayPal.

What is your personal Legend?


Ardith said...

I'm in. I think this will be a work in progress and so am I.


BYehaskel said...

I'm totally intrigued and very possibly in. How does this first week of MMFC work with the last week of the I am Crossfit challenge?

carey said...

Beth - it will not interrupt a thing!

Cheray said...

I'm in, and I agree with Ardith.Looking forward to the MMFC!

BYehaskel said...

Well, how can I NOT do it then? I'm in! Like Ardith, I'm a work in progress and ready for some work on my own evolution!

georgia said...

In! But interested in hearing about the scholarship opportunity. Medical bills are starting to roll in...boo! But big phat WooHoo for fast healing!:)

Jessica E said...

I too am VERY interested. I'm with Georgia, how do the scholarships work?

Stefani said...

Carey I would love to do this however, I'm an out of towner. Is there a specific decision making process for the 5 out of towner spots?

Crystal said...

Im in Dallas and totally want in on the MMFC. How do we sign up? Call or email you specifically Carey?

Catherine Hart Rebholz said...

Carey! It's time, I'm in and I'm ready!! Sign me up, this is right up my alley, just what I need, and BOY am I excited. Lots of work to be done!! I'm also scared which is why I know I really need to do it!

jill b said...

sooo intrigued! I too would love more info on the out of towner aspect.

Kelsi said...

If there's still room, I'd love to be a part of it!


Carey Kepler said...

Crystal- how can I reach you. please get me your email. thanks
Ladies I need you to submit an essay telling me why you want to do the MMFC. If you would like to apply for the scholarship opportunity please tell me that in your essay. I am looking for 1/2 page. I have 9 of you that have confirmed a spot and 3 from out of town. Please ACT NOW! thanks send to careykepler@crossfitcentral.com

Christie said...

Carey, all in in 2010! Christie

Christie said...
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erikajeanne said...

count me in! essay on the way!

Shambra said...

I'm interested if there's still room! Essay submitted.