December 09, 2009

Beauty and Strength

What a beautiful depiction of what went on at the CrossFit games in July 2009. As you can see, some of your coaches are out there representing you and what CrossFit Central has to offer this world. If you are looking for a picture of true health and fitness, strength both inner and outer and you Crossfit with are on your way to greatness. The group of women that I get to surround myself with on a daily basis is indescribable with words.

I want to thank all the female coaches at Central for pushing me to be my best everyday and I want to thank all the athletes at the 2009 Crossfit Games. You have made me reach for the stars...I have already snagged a few!

CC, lets take the best to the 2010 games!


1 comment:

kelsalynn said...

I love this collage! It's difficult to find pictures of women who look this strong and beautiful!

I found your blog while watching the CF games 2010 live feed and I saw you compete! You're doing an awesome job!