August 27, 2009

Getting to the Point

Making the decision to take your life to the next level leaves little room for dilly dally. Getting your goals down and tapping into what Tony Robins calls "personal Power" is a daily devotion to yourself to make the change. This decision is the responsibilty to ones self to "ACT NOW".

In all of the time of have spent on this earth, and yes it is a wopping 34 years, it has been only in the last 5 that I have been focused on the idea, the "Truth", that I can design and have my life set up exactly how I want.

Today I will "act now" and I will create my future.

1 comment:

heather said...

love your comments!! goals setting can empower ones self so much , i also agree you must read them every day(goals) OR your subconscious won't pick up on them..
this your fan from ohio ( juju chic ) hope your doing well!!

thanks for your great post!!