February 12, 2009

I am Crossfit

I had quite a week.. i say that in the terms of last Thursday to today. It started last Thursday with the level II Crossfit Certification. Wow, high energy, high caliber trainers and trainees in our gym! Awesome, Awesome job to all the trainers, Coaches, clients.... it was a blast and not to mention a great learning experience.

Saturday we had a great affiliate gathering and an awesome turn out for the affiliate workout at Auditorium shores! That night over 200 crossfiters gathered to see the first viewing of the movie Every Second Counts. Awesome movie! talk about motivating inspiring... ever brought tears to my eyes! Great job to Carey and Sevan.

After getting in waaayyy to late I strained my back... and that is where the new approach to Crossfit comes in. What is that you ask? It is when you move slow and functional. This takes some concentration and a certain level of focus. You cannot be in a rush and you have to really make a good decision on if it is worth lifting or not.

Crossfit is functional and thank God I am able to move so well or this could have been ugly. I just did my first workout in 5 days.

150 squats
200 lunges
100 pull ups
100 push ups

Not times but moved through nice and smooth... I look forward to the next WOD. I new I loved to move but man when you can't have it you want it! Note to self!

Have a great Thursday!

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