April 15, 2008

April 12th, 2008

Saturday I gave birth to Stone Pierce Kepler. He is a beautiful boy. And of course i will say this, he is my son. But the truth be told, he is a great kid. I had him at 10:17am Saturday morning. come with me now and lets see how it all went down.

I went to a bbq with my family on Friday evening and felt great, of course everyone there was talking about me giving birth in a minute to 45 min while at the bbq. On the drive home I felt a few moves from scooter that I commented to Kris about. I was hoping that he wasn't flipping or anything. I was thinking about spending some time on my hands and knees to confirm baby birthing position.

When we got home I felt the need to confirm with Kris that he knew where everything was that we would need for the birth. The birthing kit, the olive oil, the birth bags, what we would do if there was sudden child birth. I grab my folder and started pulling out the sheets and putting them in the order that we would need to see them if things were to progress fairly fast. Kris reassured me that he knew where everything was and then I asked that in the morning we confirm that assurance with some hands on looking.

As we spoke about this I was on all fours making sure scooter was in place. I decided to stay up a little later to do some reading and make sure... plus there was a little craziness going on inside.

Off to bed about 10:45pm. First restroom break at 12:30am. I listened hard to my body to see if I thought this would be going down within the nest 24hrs, I decided possibly. Next break, 3am. This time I decided that more than likely we would have a baby on Saturday, I would listen carefully. For the next hour every 10 minutes I would go through a crampy minute to minute and a half contraction that would make me breath with a calm intensity. Can you do that?

5am. I decided to mention to Kris this may be it. He popped up and said "We are having a baby today, call Marimikel." I laughed, still had not decided for sure. I did call and give her the heads up just in case. When I told her what was going on she said to do "the trick". The trick is: take 3 ibuprofen, drink 4oz of wine, take a hot bath and try to go back to bed, if things progress we will have a baby. the thing was I had everything but the wine. Zach or Kelly would not answer their phone and i needed alcohol. So I decided not to do half of the trick that would not make sense. At 7:30 I decided this was for sure it.
Called Marimikel and said it was a go. She said she'd be right over. I got ahold of Kelly and Ashley and everyone came. As things moved along everyone around me shuffled to get things in place for the delivery. I just concentrated on Breathing!

Marimikel and Alegha got there around 8am and I was at 7cm dialated so we had a little time. Or I should say they had a little time to get the bed made, get things set up, boil the water, eat an egg sandwich...

10am and I am ready for take off. We are in the bed ready to push! 4 contractions and some major focus gets the head birthed. 2 more contractions and the big boy comes into the world. i was the most happy person you would ever meet. I am telling you, Savannah was a 95# "Fran", this guy, "LINDA". I had to work. I am for sure that birhting a 8 pound 10 oz boy is little harder than my sweet 7 pound 1 oz princess!

That's it guys, that is how it went down.. you will have to talk to me if you want the details... those of you that can handle it.

I can't wait to get into the gym and do "Linda". Make sure I am right about this.

PS. April 15th, 2006
Savannah Grace Kepler is born! That's right she is two today! She too is Beautiful!


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congrats! way to go mamá!

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