February 14, 2008

Still in the mix!

I call the baby Scooter. The baby scoots around as if he/she is doing the filthy fifty. I swear the kid is swinging kettlebells in there. Now, you have to know that space is cramped, lots of arms and legs are digging in everywhere.

I am so blessed with my health to be able to continue to be active with Crossfit. There is no doubt in my mind it is because I took care of my body before conception. I cannot imagine women who may be inactive taking on the challenge of adding 20 to 30 more pounds to their body, and not having the muscle or endurace to take on the challenges that you are faced with during pregnancy. I know that all women are different, but I would not reccomend child birth without Crossfit.

If you have any questions regarding Crossfit and pregnancy please contact me @

8 weeks and counting! This one is going to be BIG!

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Lisa said...

Hey Carey,
I came across your blog by way of your Mom telling my sister about your gym. Anyway, it is great to hear that you are doing so well. A triathlete - wow! Looks like you have a daughter and one on the way - so fun. I do not keep up with anyone from school with the exception of Mandy - she is pregnant with her 4th! Just thought I would say hi - take care!
Lisa (Borland)