February 25, 2008


Jeremy ran in the ATT Austin Marathon two weeks ago and used a POSE training technique to get him to the finish. Well, kinda. Kris, my sweety, got him to the finish line by pacing him in starting at mile 20.5. Zach also picked up jeremy at Mile 20.5, but out of excitement and adrenaline he took off. Kris on the other hand, new he had a job, to get jeremy to the finish! Kris is an excellent athlete, great runner, and has the competitive nature that says "quiting is not an option". And it wasn't an option for Jeremy that morning. Kris dreamt that night that he carried Jeremy across the finish line. Well, he did not have to do that but he did aid Jeremy at mile 23 with a pit stop into a taco bar and got him a miga taco and a 1/4 c honey with a large water. Jeremy walked and stretched out a bit while Kris ran to grab the food. As soon and Jeremy got the taco down with the honey, they took off. Needless to say my big pregnant self was inspired by the determination and team work that took place amongst my fam.

Family that plays together stays together!

CrossFit is my family. You all are my family. We are here in Austin to build a fit community. That means I get to have a big family! If you Stick to it! I hope we inspire you in some way. Maybe to get fit, maybe to lose a couple pounds, no matter what the inspiration is I hope that you feel apart of this family. If you need me to get you a taco sometime, I am your women!

xoxo to all Crossfitters!!

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