August 12, 2007

Women of CrossFit Central

If you make it out to a Crossfit Class you will defintily here some roaring. These women in crossfit are something. Everyday there is a women challenging their physical abilities and gaining new ground with our program. We have all levels of women that attend Crossfit Classes. One women in particular will be highlighted in todays blog.

Jamie "STAR" Franke.
Jamie started with crossfit central 5 months ago. She began in our outdoor program, north central boot camp. Jamie has attended on a consistent basis for 5 months and has seen tremendous results from doing Crossfit. She began our indoor program in June. Several of us in class came up with the nickname "Star". There is not a class that goes by that she does not work hard and push herself as well as motivate the others to keep up and improve.

I want to encourage all women to rise up and shine like our "Star", she, like many of the other women that attend our program are getting the results that they set out to achieve!

Congrats Jamie, Keep up the AWESOME work! You motivate us all!


PS. If you are a women and have any questions about our programs please contact me and set up a free consultation. Call 512-296-4637

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