May 31, 2010

WOW, what a weekend.

The South Central Regional was amazing.  I did not have to compete due to my performance last year at the games where I earned 3rd place.  This past weekend I was the CrossFit Central Affiliate Team Coach as well as a coach to some of the CrossFit Central individuals.  My stomach was in  a knot most of the weekend.  Between watching my husband compete, my brother, Jeremy, and then Lisa, Jen, Jessica, Karen, Chardonnay P, Andy, Big Mike, Michael W, Travis H, and observing the other women competitors that I would also be competing against in July, my head was in a spin.  And of course our team, Web & Lindsay Smith, Crystal N, Alex J, Richard W, and Jonathan W - who made up the CC team, yes, they took FIRST...domination!

I was able to run around and see almost every competitor.  I was either in coach mode or competitor mode and sometimes both.  I got emotional several times as some of our athletes surprised themselves.  I am continually amazed of what we are capable of and do not even realize.  I too must understand that the mental game is just as important as the physical.

We now know which individuals will be going to the games this year.  I am one of them.  Honored and determined.

Once again, time to turn it up another notch.

Congratulations to Jen Cardella and Jessica Sharratt, I could not be more proud to compete with you train with you and dominate with you at the games this year!