August 19, 2009

Ladies Elite Weight Time todays WOD

Ever wonder what the time for the WOD in the Women's only class elite weight would be?

We have several women that do the elite weight in the Women's Only class, but i always take a guess at what I may be able to do.

Today I wrote the WOD on the board and I just thought to myself that it would be fast. Under 20 min fast. So I decided to jump in Crystal's 10am WO class to take the test.


500m row
20 med ball clean (E20#)
30 push press DB (E25#)

X 3


Was not easy... I said fastest, 12:00, I could drop a min but not sure about 2.

Anyway, just in case some of you were wondering.

Oh and please shoot me your time.. I love to see who my competition is..



georgia said...

Ever wonder? How about always wondering! Thanks so much for jumping in and posting your time. I'd love to see more people (coaches and clients) posting their times so we can start chasing each other and really amp up everyone's game :)

Also, SO excited about the best times of the day now being Tweeted at night!

sarah said...

19:38 was my time. so NOT elite! but i gave it everything i had...