April 07, 2009

It's my birthday and I'm only 34.

There are many great things about it being a persons birthday. Today I will focus on all the things I am greatfull for:
(only to list a few here)
1.breath which gives me life.
2.my higher power
3.my brain
4.My Mother and Father
5. Kris
8.my extended Crossfit Family

the list goes on.

Write a gratitude list today... wow, our blessings.

Happy Birhtday to Me!


Mallika said...

Happy Birthday Carey! Hope you have a great day :]

TheWhit said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carey!!! I hope you have a fantastic time today and keep celebrating all month!

Melicious said...

Happy birthday, beautiful lady!

Cheray said...

Happy Birthday Carey! You are the most awesome!

erikajeanne said...

34 burpees in your honor this evening!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for working out with us in the noon kettlebell class!

Catherine Hart Rebholz said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for being you! I made a grateful list today and you name was on it.

Edwards & Hernandez said...

Felize Cumpleanos! chica!

Edwards & Hernandez said...

chica, Feliz Cumpleanos!