February 24, 2009

I am Crossfit...The Change.

This is my Tuesday/ Thursday Women's only Class. Six of these women have been on the "I am" road for 7 weeks now. This weekend they will compete against themselves to improve their strength and stamina in the I am Crossfit Bench mark workout.

3, 2, 1 GO!
Run 400
15 pull ups
7 bb cleans

X 3


They will take an 8 week post training pic and have their measurements as well as body comp taken!

All of these women, including the ones not pictured, are pictures of success! Every one of them has seen remarkable results!

Ladies, this is your last week... hit it hard and leave nothing behind except for that wine you don't need tonight, that bite of chocolate that is not worth it, that tap on the alarm that may prevent that extra pound from being lost because you slept through your Crossfit workout.....

Ladies start your engine.... be all you can be... I will see you at the finish...and note...

this is just the beginning!

much luv!

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