September 02, 2008

Fly like an eagle...

Wow, thanks to Randal I was able to do some acrobatic yoga on Sunday. We went over to deep eddy pool after the peanut butter bar race and had some R & R... least that's what I thought it was going to be. Randal and I, and Kris even jumped in on some fun along with Julie Ward's girls.

I have to admit i was not sure I wanted to try it, acro yoga that is, but once I started I can honestly say i wanted to try more! It was awesome!

Thanks Randal for introducing me to something new and something I think i am going to enjoying adding into my tool box. I never really looked at you like you were crazy, kinda, but you are crazy and I love it!

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Randal Setzler said...

Nice pics! I had a blast with the acro, hoops, and parallettes! Gotta run... the circus is calling!