September 23, 2008


This statement can be read with two interpretations. Are you serious? Can be, are you serious about your workout, your food log, your nutrition, your rest... your goal.

And it could read,

Are you serious? Are you kidding me. You tell me you want this(the goal you wrote down on the paper and said you would do what it takes) and you show me what you ARE doing...

That's when I have to let you know it may be a tough road to the goal and possibley a slim chance you will hit it with your "seriousness".

Now, I know that we are not perfect, shoot, I had too many whiskey's last Saturday and then ate like crap on Sunday... , but I will say this, I was up and going on Monday morning and did my workout and ate like a super star. I will NOT not be elite.

I challenge you to get serious. If you don't know what serious is come out to FGB on Sat at Whole Foods. You will see some people getting serious! That is 8am to 12pm of non stop excitement! Be there is you are serious, and if you are going to ACL and can't make it, party like you are serious, don't half ass a good time! thanks


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