July 21, 2008

Unknown Push

My husband went to the games. Kris is a great athlete. He played soccer and football in high school and college. He was the kid that had all this God given talent and did not have to stay after practice to practice. He is gifted.

So when he went out to the games this year he was thinking that some of this gifting would pull him through. And it did to a point.

Kris was one of the men that won Crossfit Centrals Fittest Games Challenge. He went out to all of Crossfit Centrals challenges and came out on top along with a man by the name of Ken from the Dallas area. Then problem with a little bit of success is ... a little bit.

Kris worked out pretty consistently up to the games. He will admit he likes to pick and choose which WODs he does. If it has anything to do with heavy, he is probably busy that day. When it comes to speed, running, Fran, he's in.

Kris went out to Cali like the rest of us, not knowing what to expect, but knowing there were going to be some bad asses out there. He did an awesome job. He was given the test and he took it. He had to lift weight that he had never lifted before and move to places that would seem unmanageable. He did awesome and learned a lot.

He has since returned and has committed to the WODs on the HQ site. He has also committed to not trying to get out of the ones that are not catered to his strengths and he said he would count only legit reps.

I love you sweeti you are a rock star!

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Michelle said...

Hi! You don't know me but your blog is one my favorites to read. I am the mother of two young girls (2 1/2 & 5 months) & I've been doing CrossFit for 6 weeks now. I love it & I hate it. Anyhow, you're an inspiration so way to go!