January 18, 2010

Women's WOD- How fast are you?

In the 5:30am Women's Only class this morning I predicted that the fastest time should be somewhere between seven and a half and eight and a half sweet minutes. As I looked over the board and then began to see how things were panning out, I was thinking more like 9:30 min for Rx. Because I needed to know, I jumped into Crystal McReynolds' 9:15 am Women's Only class to get my first metcon for the day.

10 burpees
10 DB snatch @ 25#'s 5L/5R (full squat)
10 ab mat sit ups
X 6 rds

Time: 9 min

So, I have to ask the ladies: how fast can you go?

We take for granted sometimes the fact that we just get to come into the gym with phenomenal coaches and do a workout, no big deal, stretch and leave. We forget that sometimes we don't need that water break, we don't need to stop and wipe our brow, or lollygag. We just think we are in pain, we just think that we could not possibly breathe any harder. But do you game your workout? Do you look at it and figure out a strategy so that you can go your fastest?

Some of you say it does NOT matter.

BUT IT DOES. This is what makes you stronger mentally. This is what knocks out the ugly dude on the left shoulder and lets the stud on the right fight till the death!

Next time you look at the WOD on the white board how will you game it?


4Better.CrossFitChron.com said...

CK, I was excited to see this WOD as I was searching for a workout on the internet around 9 pm tonight. It had been a long day and I hadn't had a chance to go to the gym. I needed something I could do with limited equipment in the comfort of my own front yard. This WOD was perfect, although I had to replace the DB with a KB. Time = 8:04. Thanks for posting!


CrossFitChron.com: Lindsey and Web Smith said...


I love the layout of your new blog. It has an elegance about it. Haha, and yes, we are moving to Austin. YOUR BROTHER and I figured that out about a month ago. :)