November 30, 2009

What can rest do for you?

So I rested.

Thanksgiving I ran a 5k then ate and rested.

Friday I slept in and oh, it was good! (Sleeping in is 7:30am.)

Saturday I slept in (7:30am) and did a walk jog with the kids. 40 min with a 2 to 6 min jog and a 45 sec to 60 sec walk when I felt the need or desire.

Sunday I slept in again (7:30am) and then ate pancakes for breakfast with 2 eggs, some maple syrup, and lots of love.

Then it was off to Stone's and Cash's baptism and out for some Mexican food--fish tacos and some chips. Later Savannah and I made gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and yes I ate a few. And had milk! Yum!

What can rest do for you?

In order to get myself out of the wreck I had created I thought I would do 5 workouts on Monday. So, I started with the 9:15am women's only class with Crystal. FIGHT GONE BAD! I knew that it would not be pretty so I wasn't even going to count my, yeah right. I had to write them down myself so I decided if I needed to stop 5 or so seconds early I would and then I would move on.

359 later I was done. Oh my! Had I known I was going to score that I would have pushed on to 400!!!!

At 1pm I met Zach up at the gym and we worked 75% of our 1 RM snatch (80#) by 1 X 10 on the min every min in a power snatch. Then we did 60% of our 1 RM clean and jerk for 1 X 10 every 30 sec (95#) and then took a 30 min break and came back and did 20-15-10 24" jump box and pull up.

And then 3 X 5 @ 165 on back squat and 3 X 5 @ 80 on shoulder press.

Um, can you say CARB LOAD?

So maybe rest is good.

Now, listen here...I do not recommend anyone but Miko Salo do something like this in one day and never 2 days in a row.

Now...go...and CROSSFIT!

1 comment: Lindsey and Web Smith said...

What if you're like me and you don't EVER get to sleep. Every night is like a second shift.