November 13, 2009


What do you do with accountability? Do you run from accountability? Do you seek accountability? Do you even need accountability?

Accountability is one of the most sought after techniques used by the most successful of people. If you are not being held accountable for your actions, your goals, your desires, then the likelihood that you are achieving your goals is slim to none. Or perhaps it even if you are only accountable to yourself, you are probably on the slower track to your ultimate power.

I have been accountable to many people in many different areas in my life. I have several accountability partners that help me in different areas.

One thing that I have to mention while talking about accountability is fear. Fear is one of those things that keeps us from getting an accountability partner. I know that I have postponed areas of my career because I was scared to get someone to hold me accountable to make sure I was moving in the right direction. Fear is one of the best things to harness. When you learn how to attack fear, you will overcome and achieve.

My goal is to stop fearing this blog, harness my fear, and achieve greatness by letting you know that I need you to hold me accountable for talking to you all at least once a week.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are my accountability partners. Of course Jeremy who emailed me this morning in shock because I had not blogged in 5 weeks is the first accountability partner to this blog. I actually thought they kicked me off Blogger for being so lame. My hub found a way to get me back in...slightly unhappy, but now grateful, because I will fear blogging no more.

Now I know I have had several comebacks from the blog dead, but I am hopeful this is the last. Yell at me, make fun of me, call me names. I need you to keep me accountable to write on this blog!

Thank you for making me better!


Pamela said...

...and thank you for making us better! Get your blog on girl! We love your insights, teachings, thoughts, etc.

Anna T. said...

I have been checking your blog for a while now, wondering where you went!! I'm a little new to the competition aspect of CrossFit, so I look forward to all you have to say! If you keep it in the back of your mind that there are a lot of people, outside of the ones you know, that read your blog, you might feel a little more accountable to it. Keep it comin'! It's awesome!!

craftinggrace (Pili) said...

This reminds me to do the same myself in all aspects. We all fall off the wagon, the trick is to climb back up every time. I look forward to seeing more of you!

georgia said...

Accountability is the word of the day over at my blog, too!

So glad to have your writing back on the scene!

Lion Heart said...

trust me when I say that my wife won't fall off the wagon again.... Lindsey and Web Smith said...

Let's see that husbandry in action...Don't let her fall off the wagon!

I look for your posts too and SINCE YOU ARE LINKED TO OUR SITE, some ask me why you haven't posted like I know y'all or something...



Jessica said...

Yeah, Carey! I'm really hopeful that this comeback will stick because I really like reading your blog. I can't wait to read what you'll be writing, as it is always inspiring :)

Margo Baxter said...

Carey, You lazy bum! Get your butt in gear and start writing more often. Don't agonize over them, just write whatever is on your mind. What cool thing did you discover today? What's your new favorite thing? It's all good. I enjoy your posts. Keep 'em coming :)