September 19, 2009


I took on this workout on friday with the .com class. I was tempted to do the 95# weight prescribed for the men, but after talking with coach Lance Cantu he suggested I test my bite with the prescribed weight and lets see how fast I could go.

here is the workout:
50 pull ups
400 m run
21 thrusters
800 m run
21 thrusters
400 m run
50 pull ups


I felt like a train hit me! I did my first 25 pull ups unbroken, butterfly.
I did my thrusters, both sets, 15 and 6.
The first 100 m out on almost all the runs was total recovery, and my last 400 Lance clocked me at 2:04, pathetic. Had I known that I would have ran a little faster; however, I am not sure that would have benefited me on the last set of pull ups! That was the longest, other then the 800, portion of the workout. I did butterfly in sets of 10 up to 30 and then took a significant break. I was hurting. then on the bar for 8 , 8 and 4. OUCH!

I will do that workout again and beat my time.

EYE of the TIGER!

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Jessica said...

Carey you are so inspiring! I can't wait to get back in the gym & train with you!