August 16, 2009

one month gone ... anyone wonder what i have been doing?

I woke this Sunday morning and was called to blog. Many of you blog readers have been wondering where the heck I have been. I was called out. Not just a friendly "hey why haven't you been blogging?" More like a "hey, people go to you to learn Carey, and they follow you because they are looking to you as an expert in your Field, you should think about blogging again, it is not all about you."

Well, I hear you, and I am listening.

Blogging is intimidating for me. I am not the best person to get my thoughts put onto paper or computer. I am intimidated by uploading pictures, finding you tube videos, and trying to find you people something that will take you to the next level... and that is the problem. I am not here to focus on those things I just listed. I am here, on this blog, to speak my mind. And the truth is if that motivates, great, if it doesn't, some of you won't check out what I have going on.. and that is fine too.

I do know that I am suppose to do something that scares me everyday. And, well, I guess I will start blogging.

I know I have disappeared before and apologized, this time I will just to you all very soon.

have a great Sunday. I know I will, taking a day of rest with my family will be plenty work.

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