July 07, 2009

To see past the stars

I can remember when I would travel with the basketball team to tournaments for the weekend. We would load up all our gear, our pillows, music, cards to play on the bus, snack foods(which were not that healthy back then), and most important the team and our energy. We walked tall, we often wore something that matched or gave the indication we were a team traveling together. People new we were out to accomplish something far beyond what a road trip offered. I enjoyed traveling with my team, i was powerful but when we walked together we were unstoppable.

I leave tomorrow for what may be one of the craziest adventures I will ever see. I will not be able to confirm this until Monday next week... it is just a hunch. I have done some crazy things in my life but i may , may rate this one top of top...we'll see.

I will board a plane with 15 of the most bad ass athletes known to this planet. I will travel with a pack that will vibrate this nation. I will be standing taller then I have stood, perhaps ever. I Will travel with the Crossfit Central team to The Crossfit Games.

I am more sure then I have ever been that this team of people will radiate more energy then a majority of the people that get around us will be able to handle.

I and the Crossfit Central team and spectators will vibrate the earth. If you will stop for a moment tomorrow and feel the universe... you will move.

I receive all goodness, all positive energy, all radiating explosive juju. thank you all for your support... stay tuned you will not want to miss this event!


Natalie said...

Best wishes Carey! Rock on sister, wish I had that strenght!

Melicious said...

Safe travels, warrior! I'll be thinking of you every minute.

Megan M. said...

Sending good vibes -- can't wait to hear how it went!!

Libby Santos said...

Congratulations Carey!!!! I am so proud that the 3rd fittest woman in the world is MY coach!!!

Casey said...

Congratulations on kicking some much butt out there. You are a rock star!