October 16, 2008

To my peeps, my faithfull peeps!

I have not been blogging obviously... I do apologize to those that keep up... it is hard keeping up with your own life sometimes and then when you try to let other people in, that is even more challenging.

i want to catch everyone up but not sure if I have time... shoot you all may not have time to read my fragments, runons and bad spelling.

i do want you to know a few things so i will be adding a couple things a day for 2 days.... like this great pick of myself running my kids around!

Um, well the are just resting. Crazy how they can sleep that way. At most of our age we would be at the Dr. Fo sho!

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Angela said...

Hi Carey,

I'm Angela, from Tulsa OK. I don't know if I've said "Hello" before here or not. So Hello!

I love the picture. It is amazing how kids can sleep like that. My 7 month old can fall asleep in the carseat with her head hanging forward to her chest... looks uncomfortable but oh well.

Thanks for the pics and the updates. You look awesome :)

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