May 11, 2008

CrossFit Central Crushers!

Not sure if this is a name for new women's only training program that will start this June or if it is a young girls Crossfit training program.

What do you think?

Savannah thinks that she should be the team mascot or Lead the pack on the kids team! I think she rocks.


Edwards & Hernandez said...

Roman thinks she so rocks!

georgia said...

Awesome name for a women's team/group. A theme song is already playing in my head. I have lots of girlfriends back home in Austin that are interested in what I'm doing with Jerry Hill at Crossfit Challenge Old Town, but they are terrified of getting off the elliptical and bulking up. I've sent them pics of you, a link to CrossFit Central and a link to "Glory Box" (which was incredibly inspiring).

Also, I love that you named your daughter Savannah. Being a "Georgia" I always thought Savannah was a better name. And FWIW - growing up in Austin was the best childhood EVER. Can't wait to get back home!

Take care & good luck on your continued recovery!

Amy said...

I think a women's only program. And Savannah, she totally rocks, but what else can you expect with the mom she's got?